Probably everyone who has a shower cabin at home, faced with the problem of formation of lime plaque on the glasses. Supermarkets sell a huge variety of tools for cleaning glasses, but the transparency and shine pleases the eye only until the next use.

Recently I found a simple and effective way to combat the formation of stains and divorces on glasses. To begin with, we use any, already available in the house glass cleaner. It helps to get rid of the plaque on the glasses. Rinse the product and give the glass a little dry. Then take the usual lemon, cut it in half and rub the glass shower stall. When the work is done, wait for twenty minutes, then wash off the lemon juice and wipe dry with a clean rag.

That’s the trick. Do not forget to close the door to the bathroom on the latch, and then the shower cabin is now well visible from all sides.

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