Just recently, I had a damaged washing machine. After spending a couple of hours searching for a qualified technician to repair washing machines on the internet, he waited for his arrival.

The master quite smartly coped with disassembly of the device, and after that has issued the conclusion-burnt out teng (the element heating water). And clearly showed how it looks after five years of using the washing machine.

    Scum on the tag, after 5 years of use.

    This is a terrible condition for everyone who does not use a washing or dishwasher cleaning agent.
    After determining the malfunction and the price of repair, I was already ready to run for some cleaning agent in the shop, but the master advised me to buy the usual citric acid. It perfectly copes with scale and costs at times cheaper than all magic means from advertising. It is advisable to take a kilogram package, it goes cheaper and do not have to run every time for a sachet for 100 grams. And since I have in the apartment installed and washing, and dishwasher + electric kettle, for me it is very topical.

      Let’s proceed to the cleaning procedure itself.

      For washing machine enough 250 grams of citric acid. Fill it in the dispenser for powder. If the machine usually does not completely wash away the powder, it is possible to fall asleep acid directly in a drum. Put in the machine floor cloths or something that is not pathetic and run the longest program with maximum temperature.

      For the dishwasher it is necessary to fill the dispenser by 80% and run the longest program.

      Well, finally an electric kettle. For it enough 80-100 grams of citric acid. Fill the kettle with water up to the maximum level and boil. After 40-60 minutes (depending on the amount of scale) drain the water. Rinse the kettle thoroughly and boil again and drain the water.

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